Install your favorite programs effortlessly!

You just purchased a new PC only to find that few of your favorite programs are installed. What to do? Currently, your only option is to visit a number of websites and download all your favorite programs individually. Even then, you must pay attention to the website and during the install process because there's a good chance you'll end up with a bunch of unwanted tool bars, unwanted junk-ware, or worse. Setting up a PC is a painful process and could take a full day just to find, download and install all of your programs.

With a few clicks Set Up My PC does it all for you!

Use a preconfigured setup, or edit and create your own below:

New PC?

Before you turn it on use this following guide:

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Basic Setup

Productivity Setup

Extended Setup

(Additional applications, application descriptions, and curated recommendations are coming soon...)

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The free version of Ninite is only licensed for home use. Ninite installs third-party software. By using Ninite you certify that you have read and agree with the license agreements and restrictions of any software you install with Ninite. Ninite does not grant you any license to any third-party software available on Ninite or elsewhere, nor does Ninite guarantee the availability of any third-party software.

Buying or Licensing programs?

Save considerable money by choosing to buy those programs from SnapBack or from our other "best deal sources".  These recommended "best deals" come from users like you, from our community, and are backed by CDP.

*Columbia Data Products nor SnapBack Apps is associated with, endorsed, or sponsored by either "Ninite". We are merely using Ninite to ensure your downloads are safe and toolbar free. We are however, grateful for their mission to help all user save time!

Installing Your Selected Programs

There are several key components to the Set Up My PC app. First, your choice and selection matters. While the page is preloaded with programs the SnapBack community recommends, it is ultimately your choice as to what programs you want to install. Once you have submitted your selections, they will be sent to Ninite, where a custom exe will be generated for you!

Learn more about Ninite here:

Note: Office365 is not installed by Ninite, SnapBack Apps handles that with the "Install Office 365" App.

Customize Important Windows Settings

This button calls the buttons in their respective apps.
ex. "Take daily Snapshots of System Hard Drive" calls the first button in the "Snapshots" app.