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For over 30 years Columbia Data Products, Inc.(CDP) has produced and bundled software into OEMs' products for IBM, DELL, HP and Microsoft.

SnapBack Apps is certified by CDP and only operates once installed, it never runs from your browser or uses the internet.

We don’t collect or share your personal information with anyone.

Advanced security algorithms ensure that SnapBack Apps are certified authentic from CDP and unmodified before running.

Administrators: SnapBack Apps have individual permissions, so you have complete control over what your users are allowed to run.

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*Here's why you want to sign up for SnapBack Alerts! (we promise not to waste your time.)

  • Receive timely alerts and information about PC upgrades, potential risks, new apps…everything you need to know to keep your PC, software and operating system up to date, secure, and trouble free.
  • When your PC needs you to authorize SnapBack to fix an urgent security problem!  For instance Snapback Alerts would have informed you when, a recent Adobe Reader DC update actually inserted spyware into Chrome which sends every URL you visit back to Adobe (albeit "anonymously".)
  • We won't bother you unless it's something important, and you won't hear from us more than once a week.
  • We won't waste your time with teasers, forcing you to open a webpage.You can tell from our subject line if you even need to open our emails.
  • If you take care of someone else's PC, there's a separate email that's tailored to your users' needs.
  • We will never share or sell your e-mail address click here to view our privacy policy

System Requirements / System Impact

  • PC running Windows® 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 (Though some apps are only for specific versions of Windows)
  • 70 MB of available hard drive space
  • Background services consume less than 10mb of RAM
  • Snapback-Apps is only available for English (US) distribution at this point in time.

Why can't I just run this app alone, without installing SnapBack Apps?

  • To run SAFELY, SnapBack must be installed before it is allowed to run anything, or it couldn't be certified as safe.  So nothing ever runs from your web browser and nothing is ever sent back over the internet from your PC.
  • SnapBack will never initiate any action without users' informed consent, or without global permission to automatically manage a specific area of concern, such as security updates.
  • SnapBack includes all the Apps, since the collection is so small, (~7 MB download).
  • SnapBack minimizes using any PC resources, and can also control other intrusive programs like Windows Updates or unwanted reboots when not convenient.
  • SnapBack is automatically kept up to date at all times, so SnapBack becomes safer, smarter and can improve jobs you've asked it to manage, such as Windows updates, backups, laptop is unplugged, etc.
  • SnapBack re-verifies each App's hash before it is downloaded, and then re-verifies again before it is allowed to run.
  • SnapBack Apps are all built with expert's advice before CDP re-certifies them as safe and effective. 
  • SnapBack Apps are all signed, hashed, and deployed by CDP, so not one byte can be modified or the app won't run. 

Who is CDP, Inc?

  • Columbia Data Products, an innovator and pioneer in both hardware and software, has been offering cutting edge solutions for Windows PC’s for over 30 years.
    Our line of real-time snapshot software, OTM (Open Transaction Manager) and PSM (Persistent Storage Manager) has been protecting millions of users and has been adopted by some of the world’s largest technology manufacturers such as IBM, Dell, Microsoft, and Veritas.
    We continually seek to create software solutions that provide significant value to both end users and OEM integrators of our products.
  • Read more on our About Us page
  • Read more on Company page

SnapBack is a growing collection of Apps designed to solve your technology problems quickly, easily and safely. Our Development Community is actively creating solutions available for you today and in the future. If you would like, you can even help the community find and solve new problems.

Why you need SnapBack

This app has been Certified by CDP and the SnapBack Community as safe to use with no unexpected or unwanted consequences.

Advanced system info:

This App Installs SnapBack Apps which has two major components. The application component SnapBack Apps Container (Platform) and the processing engine component (infrastructure) that services requests made by the applications. The engine component runs in the background as a service. This app installs both the engine and the container.

Release Notes

Known Issues

  • Dragging and dropping inside the HTA causes issues
  • Updating the Active X dll requires a restart of the HTA to take effect
  • SnapBack\APPs\OOM\jquery\themes\ has no manifest yet, and can not be updated
  • Uninstall does not unpin the shortcut, even though the code is correct
  • Uninstall "save settings" does not work as intended.
  • Uninstalling will not reverse any actions taken (Windows Updates will still be turned off for example)
  • Uninstalling and reinstalling may make some apps unaware of their previous actions
In the future there will also be a Known Issues section for each individual App.

Change Log

Coming soon...