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We Need Your Help in Making SnapBack Better and More Useful

Your contribution can be large or small and come in various ways:

Contribute to our Apps

Sugest, Contribute, or Get Help on the SnapBack FactoryFor existing apps, you can directly contribute by suggesting improvements and reporting bugs. Each published app includes the "Suggest / Contribute / Get Help" link which goes to that app's "Connect" page in the SnapBack Factory. Once on the Factory, you can directly edit pages, leave comments, and submit forms, ensuring that your voice is heard, your suggestions acknowledged, and your ideas addressed.

Create New Apps

Have a problem or issue with your PC that SnapBack doesn't already address? SnapBack can provide you a direct outlet to suggest a new app idea, vent your technology problems, and even build your very own app. Your new app contribution can be accomplished by one of three routes, ultimately dependent upon how much work you wish to contribute and how much time you want to invest. We welcome any and all recommendations and critiques.

Suggest an App

Featured App - Protect My PC
Quickly Submit Your Problem
To the SnapBack Community

With minimal effort, you can recommend that the SnapBack community work to develop a solution for your given problem. Simply fill out a form, adding as much detail as you want, and the SnapBack community will investigate the matter. A team of passionate developers will venture to solve your problem. If possible, a solution will be published as an app.

Create an App

Featured App - Update My PC
Use Our App Wizard
To Solve A Problem

If you have a PC related problem and you have a specific solution, the good news is that you have the bulk of the framework for an app. You can use our App Wizard to quickly create an app package, complete with all of your content and scripts. You can use this locally and just for your own use or, after certification, it can be deployed to the entire SnapBack user base.


Featured App - Setup My PC
Use Our Extensive SDK
To Create Amazing Apps

For advanced developers, you can discover the many ways to customize your apps in the SnapBack App SDK. The SDK references common functions your apps can call, demonstrates unique styling capabilities, and contains a number of sample apps to show the code base in action. By following the App SDK, you can turn your apps into truly unique solutions for specific problems.

Tell the World about SnapBack
Spread the Word
Tell your friends, family, and the world about SnapBack and the solutions provided in our apps. Share links to your favorite apps via social media and Windows user groups like Super User/Stack Exchange and Reddit. If you encounter a problem that can be solved by an existing SnapBack app, kindly post a link so other users can enjoy the benefit of using our solutions.