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but Windows Updates is one of the biggest data thieves and we do have an app to help you protect your bandwidth from it, click here!

Save Critical Bandwidth, Speed, and Data On Demand

The Manage My Internet app addresses the often overlooked problem of your machine trying to download and apply updates or sync during scenarios where you wish to preserve your internet bandwidth. In such cases, updates from Windows, updates from software applications, and syncing programs can take up your already limited bandwidth and data. You may experience slower than normal connection speeds in these scenarios or, if tethered to a phone, you may even exceed your data plan.

The Manage My Internet app allows you to directly control these processes for a specific period of time. Take back control of your connection and use the Manage My Internet app to get the bandwidth you deserve, when you need it.

Why Manage My Internet is Valuable

There are many instances where we need as much bandwidth as possible. Online streaming, PC gaming, and other scenarios require sufficient bandwidth in order to operate ideally. Program updates and sync programs, however, tend to use your internet connection when its available to them and not when its convenient to you. The buttons in the Manage My Internet app allow you to correct this problem.

Prevent Data Overages While Tethered

Tethering as it Appears on an iPhoneAdditionally, many regularly use a shared internet connection as part of their technology experience. If you're traveling, using your phone and its data plan as a WIFI hub is a great convenience. Similarly, limited internet connections are the norm in environments such as cruise ships or while flying. These connections allow you to continue to work productively and remain on the internet even in the most remote of locations.

At the same time, however, these connections are extremely limited in terms of the bandwidth they offer. If tethered to a phone, you even have to be conscious not to exceed your phone's data plan. Syncing programs largely do not distinguish between what type of connection you are currently experiencing. Consequently, these programs will attempt to sync themselves regardless if you have the bandwidth or data to support it.

The Manage My Internet app changes all that. By using the app, you can be assured that snycing won't take up your data or bandwidth on a shared internet connection. This can save you crucial internet speeds and even prevent unforseen data overages. The best part is that once connected to a normal WIFI or network connection your sync programs will continue as normal.

Virus Protection Left Unchanged

While the app disables most updates and syncing programs, it specifically leaves your Virus and Malware protection unchanged. This ensures that your virus and malware definitions can be continually updated and keep your protected.

No Additional Work for You

After you specify the length of time you wish to disable updates or syncing, everything returns to normal after that time period expries. There's no need for you to come back and re-enable either updates or your syncing programs. Everything turns back on without any additional work on your part.

Get the Most on Limited Connections

We've all be in situations where we have experienced limited or shared connections. Cruise ships, flying, and other scenarios force us to use the same internet connection as hundreds or even thousands of others. Not surprisingly, bandwidth is at a premium in these instances. By temporarily disabling updates and syncing, you can ensure you will get the most out of these types of shared connections.

Overview of the App

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Pause All Updates Button

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Pause All Syncing Button

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Block Syncing Over Tethering

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