SnapBack® Apps

Automatically saves PC users Time, Money and Frustration.

Our goal is to Prevent, Solve, or Mitigate all hardware or software problems, even design deficiencies, for all Windows PC Users.

Protect My PC

Keep Your Data Safe, Secure, & Backed-up

With the Protect My PC app, you'll be able to keep your data backed-up all with the click of a single button.

Manage My Windows Update

Prevent Windows Updates Until Safe & Convenient

Follow InfoWorld's Chief Contributing Editor Woody Leonhard's Defcon System automatically, without having to do the work!
No more automatic reboots in the middle of important tasks.
No more unexpected downloads stealing your bandwidth.

Setup My PC

Install Common Programs to Get Up-and-Running

SnapBack's Setup My PC app makes setting up a new PC a breeze. Simply select what common programs you want to install, what changes to Windows you want to make, and click to save yourself hours of setup time.

Protect My PC
Keep Your Data and Computer Safe, Secure, and Backed-up View App
Manage My Windows Update
Keep Windows Up-to-Date But on Your Own Schedule View App
Setup My PC
Install the Most Common Programs to Get Up-and-Running View App
Customize My PC
Enable Important and Hidden Windows Features View App

What is SnapBack Apps?

SnapBack Apps is a collection of one-click solutions that help protect and optimize your PC. These Apps allow you to gain greater control over how you use your PC. They can be initiated by you, run when notified, or automatically applied by SnapBack with your permission.

Our Mission

Automatically save PC users Time, Money and Frustration. Our goal is to Prevent, Solve, or Mitigate all hardware or software problems, even design deficiencies, for all Windows PC Users. 

Core Beliefs

Our philosophy has always been to make technology easier for users. We recognized a growing demand for improvements in many computer applications. This led to the conception and design of SnapBack Apps, a platform where users and developers can collaborate to create solutions that will solve common technology problems.

Be in Control

All Snapback solutions are built with you, the user in mind. If an app doesn't meet your needs you can directly contact the developers and voice your concerns. If you think you can improve upon an existing app, you have the ability to work either on it or with the developers who produced it. You even have the opportunity to create an app yourself. With SnapBack, you are central to the cause.

Get Notified - Signup for SnapBack Alerts!

  • Receive timely alerts and information about PC upgrades, potential risks, new apps…everything you need to know to keep your PC, software and operating system up to date, secure, and trouble free.
  • When your PC needs you to authorize SnapBack to fix an urgent security problem!  For instance Snapback Alerts would have informed you when, a recent Adobe Reader DC update actually inserted spyware into Chrome which sends every URL you visit back to Adobe (albeit "anonymously".)
  • We won't bother you unless it's something important, and you won't hear from us more than once a week.
  • We won't waste your time with teasers, forcing you to open a webpage.You can tell from our subject line if you even need to open our emails.
  • If you take care of someone else's PC, there's a separate email that's tailored to your users' needs.
  • We will never share or sell your e-mail address click here to view our privacy policy

CDP Certifies Every Byte of SnapBack to Keep You Safe
SnapBack and all of its apps are certified by Columbia Data Products, Inc. (CDP)
,  who has produced and bundled software into OEMs' products, such as IBM, DELL, HP, and Microsoft for over 30 years. CDP ensures that every app is checked for its safety, security, and efficacy.With CDP's certification, and the Experts looking over CDP's shoulder, you never have to worry about any SnapBack App.

One Solution Solves or Prevents Your Technology Problems
SnapBack is a collection of one-click solutions designed to solve your technology problems.Our solutions can be initiated by the user, run when notified, or automatically applied by SnapBack.

Exactly what Problems does SnapBack Solve?
SnapBack adjusts the way Windows PC's work by delivering precisely what's needed to solve, mitigate, or prevent any hardware, software or design deficiency problem.Since we obviously can't solve every problem today, solutions are prioritized by what our users, industry "Experts", and CDP thinks is important today.With a SnapBack App, you can click on any button and change literally anything you can think of… the way an application works… the way Windows or your computer looks or acts… virtually anything!

What is Running on my PC, and Why Should I Keep it Installed?
The SnapBack Apps Platform is currently designed for Windows and houses all of our apps.Unlike other App Store type programs, SnapBack Apps is unique in that you get all of our apps since they are so small, rather than having to individually select ones.This means all our apps are always ready to run, particularly in those moments when an app is absolutely necessary.

CDP has designed SnapBack to only require an extremely small service running, which ensures every byte is signed and certified before the service allows anything to be downloaded.The service is also responsible for ensuring Windows user permissions have allowed that App's button to be executed by the service.The Windows Task Scheduler occasionally wakes up and initiates user-chosen actions, most of which only take a second or two.Today SnapBack's 8 MB installer only takes up ~50 MB of disk space for ALL our apps.

The platform and all the apps are designed to be updated automatically, so that you always have the most recent version.  These updates are essential to keep your system and SnapBack 100% safe and effective. Since the SnapBack platform that does all the work runs locally, the apps always run, whether you are online or not.
The occasional updates are just as tiny as our apps, usually less than a few hundred kb.

SnapBack's Key Features

SnapBack Community (Coming Soon)

To help facilitate the best apps possible, the SnapBack Factory was created.This online environment is used to help users of all skill and practice levels connect with highly experienced developers so that new apps can be created and existing ones improved upon.The purpose of this environment is to engage users and developers with one another, so that developers have direct feedback to their products and users have the means to provide direct feedback (including suggestions as to how to improve a product).

Cooperation and engagement are the backbones of the SnapBack Factory. Members of the factory or even visitors productively work together to assign and accomplish tasks. Additionally, the factory is unique in that anyone (including non-logged-in users) can contribute by creating pages and modifying existing content.