Three Easy Ways to Protect Your Data

Windows provides three excellent data protection solutions, Snapshots, File History and Image Backup. These features are turned off by default and tricky to configure, but with SnapBack Apps they are as easy to use!

SnapBack sets up and helps you manage all three:

Snapshots - Create and Schedule point in time copies of all your files and folders

A snapshot, also called a Shadow Copy, is every file and folder exactly the way it was at a specific point in time. It's like a time machine for your files, but you DO NOT need an external hard drive to use them. You can view or use previous versions of your files, recover deleted or missing files, or just browse around your hard drive at a particular point in time. Snapshots are also an way important to protect you from RansomWare, even if your current files are encrypted, your snapshot won't be!

File History - Create copies of your personal files and directories, and a complete history of changes
(external hard drive required)

File History is a Windows backup application that continuously protects your personal files stored in Libraries (Documents, Pictures, Music, Videos, Camera Roll, Saved Pictures), Desktop, Favorites, and Contacts folders. It periodically (by default every hour) scans the these folders for changes and copies the changed files to an external drive. Every time any of your personal files have changed, another copy will be stored on a dedicated, external storage device selected by you. (Windows stores ALL your hourly changed files locally, until you reconnect your external hard drive) Over time, File History builds a complete history of changes made to any of these folders.

[In Development] Automatic Image Backup - Create and Schedule exact True Image® copies of your system hard drive for simple disaster recovery.
(external hard drive required)

Image backups are the best way to protect your system when it can't boot, and quickly recover ALL your files from a virus, ransomware, malware, failed Windows Update, or hardware failures. It's a time machine for your entire system, Windows and all your files will be exactly as they were when the Image backup was taken! SnapBack examines your external drive, and lets you choose how many backup copies you keep, and how much space is required, it's the equivalent of having multiple saved games, but for your whole computer! Typically, a new system with all programs installed only requires about 30 minutes to back up.

Other Protections

Windows Credential Leak Fix - Stop MS Edge, IE and Outlook from exposing your credentials to hackers.

An issue in all versions of Windows will leak your Windows login and password information over the internet. Simply viewing an image on a website, pop-up, or e-mail may compromise your computer, accounts, all your information, and possibly even your identity! (Note: since Windows networking folder sharing might be affected, simply turn this fix off temporarily.)
This flaw has been patched recently, but ONLY for users that sign in to their computer with a Microsoft Account, the patch does nothing for Local Accounts. This app scans your system and notifies you if you are vulnerable to the exploit, we highly recommend pushing the button (or converting to a Microsoft account and making sure your Windows is up to date.)